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MAINZ – Hirata modifies existing palletizing system in response to market trends. Wherever components are processed in blisters, trays or KTLs, the reliable Hirata palletizers ensure the orderly feeding or removal of workpieces in the production process. Due to the increasing energy awareness and rethinking of the market, the AST palletizer, which has been successfully established for several years, is now also available on request completely without pneumatic components. Hirata has developed an energy-efficient palletizer in a purely electrical design that makes a small contribution to the environment.

In addition to the energy savings resulting from the substitution of all pneumatic elements, the product modification is accompanied by further advantages. Due to the exclusive use of electrical assemblies, the installed axes and cylinders can be controlled much more sensitively. Speeds and accelerations can be precisely adjusted, enabling sensitive trays and components to be processed. Since the electric cylinders can also be used to approach different strokes, processing different tray variants is also no challenge for this new version.

Despite the modification of the overall concept and the use of new components, the familiar quality features of the model variant described are retained. For example, end users of the palletizing concept can continue to rely on the narrow design, a fast tray changeover time and an ergonomically convenient loading and unloading position. The modular design also allows to flexibly grow up the autonomy time and the overall capacity of the system.

The electric version of the AST palletizer, which is already completely developed, is to be established for all other Hirata palletizer models in the future.

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