The assembly lines for gearboxes realized by Hirata are used for conventional manual and automatic transmissions as well as continuously variable CVT transmissions and modern dual clutch transmissions. The customer is thus offered highly flexible and effective solutions for their assembly tasks.


Automatic gearboxes, which are widely used today in many vehicles from the upper mid-range segment onwards, especially in North America, require a high degree of flexibility in the assembly processes due to their wide range of variants. For this purpose Hirata offers modular concepts with its standardized stations, which preferably use Hirata's own Cartesian robots and thus offer flexible and economical solutions.


This variant of gearboxes, which is enjoying increasing popularity especially in Europe, places special demands on flexibility due to the variety of engines. This flexibility can be realized in Hirata plants in particular by using the self-developed robots or the modular station design. In this case we support the economic success of our customers with Hirata assembly solutions.


Hirata looks back on a long reference list of assembly lines for continuously variable gearboxes or CVT-gearboxes. This variant, which is especially popular and widely used in Asia, requires high accuracy and mostly short cycle times. These advantages can be realized process-safe and economically in shortest time due to the compact design of the Hirata standard modular system.