The tray changing system of the TLC series has been specially developed for the feed and removal of trays with low autonomy and the semi-automated sector. It is particularly suitable for use in assembly and handling systems where the "LEAN" idea guides the design.

TLC is based on two superimposed conveyor belts that ensure the feed and removal of the individual trays. For the indexing of the tray, proven and reliable Hirata technology is used. A pneumatically driven lift transports the tray from the upper to the lower belt or vice versa. Because of the fact, that the tray is supported by the belts during the whole transport process, also non-stackable trays can be processed perfectly.

During the design and construction of the machine, attention was paid to a compact size. Therefore it can easily be placed on existing undercarriage of an assembly cell. In the most cheap version the machine does not have its own control system, but is controlled for example via field bus I/O modules of an existing plant PLC. It is designed for tray sizes of 600 mm x 400 mm or 400 mm x 300 mm and a tray weight of max. 15 kg. The tray changing system TLC can be easily integrated into existing or new plants and is therefore a cost-effective solution for special purpose machine manufacturers and end users.

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