The SAST series palletizing system automates the palletizing of trays or KLTs directly from standard floor rollers, which are increasingly used in internal material logistics. The SAST-Modul is particularly compact and has only a small footprint. For example, it provides automated material supply and/or removal at an assembly, test or production plant or as well at tooling machines etc.

Due to its well thought-out design, level differences on the floor roller or uneven floors no longer have been a challenge. The integrated safety technology enables the option to change the floor rollers while the machine is being in process. Furthermore, the palletizer can be quickly converted to different tray heights. The automatic tray change time during the processing of a tray stack is approx. 6 s. The palletizer is equipped with its own controlsystem including HMI, valve terminal and maintenance unit. The system controls several servo axes as well as a Hirata-SCARA robot or a linear axis system which can be integrated for the handling of the workpieces. Alternatively, the palletizer can also be delivered with a Siemens PLC.

Depending on the working order, the palletizer is loaded for example on one side with a floor roller with a stack of filled trays. On the other side an empty floor roller is inserted, which picks up the processed trays then. When processing starts, a vertical axis grips the uppermost tray of the filled stack, brings it to the height of the working position and places it on the frame of the transverse axis. The tray will be transportes with transverse axis horizontally to the gripper of the second vertical axis, which brings the tray in working position and centers it. Now the workpieces can be removed from the tray by a SCARA robot or a linear axis system or processed workpieces can be placed in the tray. During this time the horizontal axis moves back again and stores the next unprocessed tray in the buffer position. If the tray processing in working position is finished, it is deposited or stacked on the empty floor roller. When the stack with the processed tray on this floor roller is complete, it can be removed. For this purpose the horizontal axis moves to this side and seals off the working area with a monitored safety shutter.

The SAST palletizer is designed for 600 mm x 400 mm floor rollers. Other dimensions are available on request. The weight of the tray stacking depends on the maximum load of the floor roller used (e.g. 250 kg). One single tray can have a maximum weight of 15 kg.

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