The LCP series palletizer with freely programmable handling device is based on the ALC-600 tray changing system. Instead of a pneumatic cylinder, which performs the tray change to fixed positions, a freely programmable NC axis is used for this model. The axis cycles the tray line by line in freely definable increments under a second NC axis. The second NC axis is arranged at right angle above the first the tray and includes a pneumatically operating vertical axis where a gripper can be attached. With this handling unit, the parts are removed from the tray in columns and deposited. The basic version of the unit is designed for pallets of 600 mm x 400 mm. The vertical stroke of the pick and place unit is designed for 100 mm and the horizontal stroke is designed for 700 mm. Depending on the gripper technology used, a pick and place time of 3 seconds can be achieved. The unit can be extended with different functional elements in a modular construction for the respective need or application. If the storage capacity of one completed- and one empty stack is not sufficient, additional buffer belt segments can be connected to the basic device or a docking station for transport trolleys can be added.

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