The tray changers of the ALC series are particularly suitable for palletizing tasks where products have to be taken out of a tray and put back into the same tray after processing. Both the processed and the unprocessed tray stack are located on the lower level.

The devices are predestined for use on tooling machines or injection molding machines and their flat design offers possibilities for integration into an application with articulated arm or portal robots. The tray changers enable the feeding and changing of trays in a stack in an economical and reliable way. The basic version of the device is designed for pallet sizes of 600 mm x 400 mm. This version can be extended in modular design with various functional elements for the respective need or application. If the storage capacity of one full and one empty stack is not sufficient, additional buffer belt segments can be connected to the basic device, for example. If the filled stacks weigh 15 kg at minimum (with very frequent pallet changes) or 25 kg at maximum (with occasional pallet changes), a docking station for transport trolleys can be attached to the basic module. Here the stack is automatically transported onto the transport trolley.

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