Linear axis systems

Freely programmable linear axis systems are usually offered as modular systems which means that the user can put together his customised system from a range of axis models. The selection criteria for the systems include the number of axes, stroke lengths, speed, handling weight and positioning accuracy.

Different drive concepts, such as spindle, toothed belt, toothed rack or linear motor are offered. Most axes have a rigid tubular or box-shaped cross-section. Cycle and cycle times of the linear axis system depend on the power unit.


The combination of individual linear axes creates customized linear axis systems.


Due to their high rigidity, the linear axis systems ensure good repeatability.


The multi-tasking control of the linear axis systems enables a wide range of applications.

For smaller and larger loadings

Linear Axis Systems and Portal Robots

From a modular system with different Hirata linear axes, different axis configurations can be compiled. The configured units are mainly used for tool and workpiece handling. Also the gantry robots with three axes can be configured individually for each customer. Because of it’s particularly high stability these systems are mainly used as units for the assembly or handling of larger and heavier components.

The solid and robust construction ensures reliable and long-lasting operation. The batteryless encoder technology simplifies maintenance and reduces the environmental impact. Linear axis systems and gantry robots offer different configuration options and can be adapted in axis length, speed, resilience and stroke length.