The four-axis SCARA robots of the AR-F series are ideally suited for fast and flexible assembly and handling tasks. The AR-F series works with battery-free absolute encoders and consists of three robot models: AR-F450, AR-F500 and AR-F650. With a working radius of 450, 500 and 650 mm and a maximum payload of 5 kg, the SCARA robots can be used for assembly and material handling. With a repeat accuracy of up to +/- 0.01 mm and horizontal speeds of up to 8.2 m/s, the SCARA robots meet the requirements of these applications. The integrated, automatic acceleration function ensures optimal acceleration and braking behavior, which is calculated from the start and target positions of the robot arm. The SCARA robots work with the powerful Hirata cell controller HNC 96E-CE. This can be used to control the robots as well as the entire periphery involved, such as transport systems, component feeders, valve terminals, etc.

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