for precisely handling and assembling


As early as the mid-1970s, Professor Makino in Japan discovered that 80 % of joining movements are usually performed in a straight line from above and that the required working space is roughly equivalent to the reach of a human arm if the product is designed for easy assembly. The solution that Professor Makino found as a result of his research was impressively simple. Four axes were sufficient to move and join a part in space to any desired position.

This knowledge was the basis for Hirata to develop his first SCARA robot. The principle is still valid today and is implemented in different model sizes of SCARA robots. Furthermore Hirata has also added "articulated arm robots" to its portfolio. These 6-axis robots are also available in different model sizes. Depending on the task, the customer always has a suitable robot kinematics available.


Especially SCARA robots with their high horizontal speeds and short pick and place times are characterized by their high repeatability.


Industrial robots guarantee maximum efficiency while maintaining consistently high quality in many production processes.


The possibility of individual programming and control of industrial robots makes them a flexible tool for automation.

The suitable kinematics for every requirement

SCARA-Robot and 6-Axis-Robot

In addition to highly automated assembly lines and standardized palletizing systems, Hirata is known worldwide for its flexible and versatile robot systems. Hirata robots combine highest performance requirements with market-oriented costs. Thus the Hirata robot portfolio offers the right robot type for almost every handling or assembly process. The robots are controlled by a flexible Hirata robot-controller, which allows to regulate different robot systems with only one unit.


This compact SCARA robot is a cost-effective high-quality product for the handling of small workpieces with a handling weight of up to 3 kg. The system has a combined reach of the A- and B-axis of 400 mm.


  • Cost effective
  • Compact
  • Fast


These compact SCARA robots are suitable for precise assembly and handling tasks. The series includes three desktop models with working ranges of 450 mm, 500 mm and 650 mm. All models are equipped with battery-free absolute encoders.


  • Fast
  • Flexible
  • Compact


These high-performance SCARA robots are suitable for precise assembly and handling tasks with higher weights of up to 20 kg.  The series includes two models with working ranges of 550 mm and 800 mm. The systems are also optionally available as overhead models with ceiling mounting and for the clean room class ISO 5.

  • High Weights
  • High Repeatability
  • Fast


The series of 6-axis robots includes three models with arm lengths of 700 mm, 950 mm and 1200 mm. They are particularly suitable for applications in the automotive, electrical and metalworking industries. Equipped with the Hirata 3D picking system, these 6-axis robots also manage the handling of randomly fed components.

  • Powerful
  • Reliable
  • Flexible

MB- und GR-Series

The freely programmable linear axis systems of the MB series are offered as a modular system. In comparison of other robot kinematics, this kind of series offers advantages for certain applications. The portal robots of the GR series are used for the assembly and handling of larger and heavier components.

  • Modular
  • Precise
  • Intelligent