Combustion engine

In addition to complete final assembly lines for engines, Hirata also offers systems for the assembly of subassemblies such as engine blocks and cylinder heads. Both flexible pallet belts and AGVs are used here. This is complemented by modular cold test systems for final testing of the assemblies.


Hirata can rely on many years of international experience in engine assembly lines. Numerous projects have been realized in Asia as well as in North America and Europe. For key processes such as piston assembly, crankshaft assembly, cylinder head assembly and leak test systems, Hirata can access on standardized assembly stations, which have been widely used. Additionally Hirata has the experience and know-how to realize complex special solutions using standardized assemblies and thus to implement effective and economical solutions for the customer.

Cylinder head

For the design and execution of assembly lines for the mounting of valve train and the complete cylinder head Hirata uses standardized stations for the feeding of the valve train components and combines them with the standard assemblies for completely automatic workpiece transport. Manual, semi-automatic and completely automatic assembly lines have already been realized in this area, often in combination with a final assembly line for the complete engine.



Cold test systems

Hirata builds customized cold test systems to check the function of fully assembled engines in an effective and economical way. The correct assembly as well as all function critical performance characteristics and the sensor technology of the engine can be checked. The cold test system offers the customer the possibility to test engines in a relatively short time under clean room conditions without any use of fuel or other immissions.